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Connecticut and Rhode Island's marketplace for rental living. Communities, single and multi-family homes . A Landlord and Tenant self service arena.
Findarent.net is a website marketplace for rentals. Different landlords, property managers and real estate brokers use it in order to advertise their apartments and homes.  It is a site that you can search for what you want by filling in the search page (what town, how far from that town, how many bedrooms etc etc
FindARent.NET is a private-held, Connecticut-based enterprise founded by Nick Wylie, a 45-year veteran of the real estate industry and Joan Karlsen,MHS.
FindARent.NET is your marketplace for rentals; helping landlords and property managers to market and promote their available rental listings, and helping tenants find the most appropriate apartments for their specific needs. The web site is self service so you are in charge of your own listings and the apartment hunter contacts the landlord directly.
Unlike some sites, Findarent.net includes large apartment communities, medium size buildings, single and multi family homes. 
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