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Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Do all properties Listed on FindaRent.Net offer a Rebate?
Many do, they are the listings that display the Rebate symbol.

How much is the Rebate?

What is the First step?
Let the rental agent know that you found the vacancy on FindaRent.NET

What comes Next?
Sign a lease. Find Claim Rebate button on the listing where you found your new home. File the claim. We will submit it for property owner approval.

Does the Property Owner have to approve?
Yes and as soon as they do we will mail you a check.

When will I get the check?
After you have signed a lease and moved in allow 30 days for the check to arrive.

Where will you send the check?
The check will be mailed to your new address given to us by your new landlord.

Where can I read about the full details of the program?
For full details on the program, see below.   

If you still have questions click here and go to the Contact Us page to send us an email and we'll be happy to follow up with you.



How to claim your FindaRent.NET Rebate


Listings that are offering a Rebate display the green dollar Rebate logo.
No Rebate will be paid if the listing does not display the Rebate logo.


If a Rebate is offered, follow these easy requirements to be eligible for a Rebate:

1) You must certify to FindaRent.NET that:

   a) You Found the rental property on FindARent.NET; and

   b) You have signed a lease for an apartment at the property you found on FindaRent.NET; and

   c) You have moved into the property, or have a specific move-in date scheduled

2) The Landlord must certify that:

   a) You have signed a lease as an occupant; and

   b) You have moved into the property, or have a specified move-in date; and

   c) They have not authorized payment of a rebate to you or anyone else on that rental


You will not qualify to receive a Rebate if:

   1) You found the property by using another Internet apartment locator, rental broker or other online or offline resource; or

   2) You have previously lived in the property or one owned or managed by the same company; or

   3) You were introduced to the property by another resident; or

   4) Your co-signer or co-tenant has already claimed a Rebate or is already living in the property.


Helpful Hints to Expedite Your Rebate Claim:

1) When you visit any property Tell the Leasing Office when you make the appointment that You Found the Property on FindaRent.NET Whenever you are asked how you found the property (on any lease application, guest card, email or phone inquiry) state that you found the property on FindaRent.NET.

2) As soon as you have signed a lease Promptly report Your Lease to FindaRent.NET by going back to your property listing and clicking on the button to Claim your Rebate. Complete the information we need to verify your lease and to be able to contact you.

3) Reporting Deadline. You can report your lease to FindaRent.NET as soon as both you and the landlord have signed a lease but in no case later than 10 days following the date when both you and the landlord have signed the lease.


Your Rebate will be mailed to your new address approximately 30 days after your new landlord has approved the Rebate.